Consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses demonstrate a genuine commitment to ethical sourcing. UEBT verifies the commitments companies have made to adhere to good practices and the steps they have taken to protect biodiversity and respect the rights of all.

Verify company commitments
As members of UEBT, companies are committed to providing resources with respect for people and biodiversity. Every three years, UEBT or a qualified independent auditor examines the system the companies use to source biodiversity-derived ingredients. As part of this process, companies develop work plans to gradually improve their operations, both within the company and in geographic areas where the material is sourced.

What is assessed?
UEBT conducts assessments that range from looking at high-level commitments to a deeper look at a company’s supply chain. The following factors are verified:

  • Ethical sourcing commitments
  • Innovation and sourcing policies
  • Risk in the natural ingredients category
  • The natural component supply chain
  • Traceability system

Verification is not the same as a certificate. It does not guarantee that a company complies with the UEBT standard. Instead, the assessment process focuses on innovation and learning.