1. Have their legitimate interests and interests protected by the Association in accordance with the law.
  2. To be provided with information related to organic agriculture by the Association, to participate in activities organized by the Association.
  3. To participate in discussing and deciding on the work policies of
    Association according to the Association’s regulations; to make recommendations, propose opinions to competent agencies on matters related to the fields of operation of the Association.
  4. To attend the Congress, stand for election, nominate and elect organs, leading positions and the Inspection Committee of the Association according to the Association’s regulations.
  5. To introduce citizens and organizations to become members of the Association according to the provisions of law.
  6. To be rewarded according to the regulations of the Association.
  7. To be granted a membership card.
  8. To be allowed to leave the Association when deemed unable to continue as a Member.
  9. Associate members, honorary members also enjoy the same rights and obligations as official members, except for the right to vote on all matters of the Association and the right to stand for election, to nominate, to elect the Board of Directors and to the Control Board. festival.


  1. To strictly abide by the Party’s undertakings and lines, the State’s policies and laws; abide by the Association’s Charter and regulations.
  2. Join the Association’s activities and activities; to unite and cooperate with other members to build a strong association.
  3. To protect the reputation of the Association, not to act in the name of the Association in transactional relations, unless it is assigned in writing by the Association.
  4. Follow the reporting and information regime according to the Association’s regulations.
  5. Pay the full and on time membership fee according to the Association’s regulations.