Why choose us?

Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association is the only association in Vietnam to organize the Organic of Vietnam booth at Biofach Fair – Germany for 5 consecutive years (visit for more information about the fair). Vietnam is also the only Southeast Asian country to hold a nation organic booth at Biofach Fair – Germany for 5 consecutive years with the following numbers of reports:




Booth area

Value of contracts

Number of customers who came to the VN Pavilion
120187 exhibitors, 1 visitor69 m22.234.000 USD520



8 exhibitors, 5 visitors


2.868.000 USD




11 exhibitors, 3 visitors

100 m2

3.924.500 USD



2021 online

10 exhibitors, 2 visitors

11 Virtual booth

154.000 USD (Covid)




12 exhibitors, 3 visitors

120 m2

6,745,300 USD



Services provided by the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (in addition to supported costs) include:

(*) Company choose which service to tick that expense box so VOAA can contact and have a quotation for services.



Company’s choice


Logistic support for business before, during and after the fair 

Including: support for cheap booking, visa guidance, support for sending and receiving goods in Germany, train ticket booking, accommodation and travel guide in Germany, other support related to logistics of enterprises. 


Intensive training on trade promotion at the Fair and corporate communication before, during and after the fair


This service is consulted specifically for each business based on the available capacity of the staff


Invite buyer to visit Pavilion (1 – 3)


Base on the detailed  requirement of business


Invite Germany’s buyers (3 – 6)


Base on the detailed  requirement of business


Market consulting 1:1


Base on the detailed  requirement of business about 1 – 2 product


Consulting on product development to update market trends


Base on the detailed  requirement of business about 1 – 2 product


Enterprise communication consulting (Building publications, choosing communication channels


Experts will advise, guide and urge businesses to implement


Enterprise communication consulting (Building publications, choosing communication channels

 Experts will advise, guide and urge businesses to implement


Provide market data/reports


Industry-wide and product-wide data and reports.

10Match making with retail supermarkets in Germany (Rewe) NEW 

Support businesses to approach the supermarket purchasing and appraisal department (excluding other support services attached until the product is on the supermarket shelf)


Product workshop at Biofach


Support businesses that need to present their products and businesses in a seminar at Biofach – Germany


Interpreting for 4 days at the fair (8 hours/day)


English Translator or German Translator


Others services


Follow the request of bussiness


Follow up the customers after the fair


Only provided when businesses use the services of finding guests, inviting guests, receiving guests …


Guider tour (Quick market survey)

 According to industry requirements of enterprises


(*) Choose 1 – 2 businesses


1. Why do we choose the European market?

According to market reports, Vietnam ranks 13th in the top 15 main food exporting countries to Europe, Europe is the second largest consumer of organic products in the world after the US. With the production potential of Vietnamese enterprises, the Association has studied the market for many years and decided to promote the export of organic products to the European market through the German Biofach Fair for the following reasons:

1. Europe is a developed continent, but it also depends a lot on food imports (in 2021 95% of spices in Europe are imported, Vietnam exports up to 77% of the whole industry's output to Europe. ...) while food production is Vietnam's strength.

2. European customers are fastidious, high standards, transparent, always give preference to organic products (25% of food imported to Europe will be organic in 2021) but are willing to buy high prices (although the output is small. ) with products that fully meet the criteria required by customers (especially focusing on organic, sustainable products, production with farmers, social justice, etc.)

3. The export capacity of Vietnamese manufacturers is gradually being improved and ready to meet European standards…

2. Why do we choose Biofach Germany?

Biofach Fair - Germany is considered the heart of the world organic industry, for the following reasons:

1. This is the oldest organic wholesale fair in the world under the auspices of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM - Organics International), since the 1990s when the organic agriculture movement in the world was still in its infancy. widely developed today.

2. Biofach Germany is a professional Organic Fair, guaranteed by the criteria for selecting exhibitors at the Fair (Only exhibitors with valid organic certificates are accepted, these certifications are according to organic standards). belongs to IFOAM's organic standard family (such as EU, Naturland, USDA, JAS, PGS ...)

3. In 2022, more than 24,000 trade visitors from 137 countries participated in the Fair, 2,276 exhibitors from 94 countries. With 96% of customers coming to the fair, 76% of exhibitors were satisfied and will participate in the 2023 fair season… (Details of the attached report).

4. Benefits of Biofach: The opportunities for exchange between individuals, especially connecting and discussing in depth about current issues, exploring Discover innovations and trends and enjoy a diverse organic product experience. Attracting policymakers, scientists, traders... All come here to update information on new policies, regulations, new organic trends in 2022...

VOAA and the businesses that participated in the 5-year program also assessed that: "from Biofach - Germany, VOAA and the organic businesses have grown a lot, which helps the production and business to be successful. More favorable, customers know more about Vietnam and gradually improve Vietnam's position in the export market of Asian organic products."

3. What do businesses need to exhibit at Biofach - Germany?

A resolute condition is that businesses that want to display at Biofach Fair - Germany are products that must be certified organic by EU, JAS, USDA, etc. (The standards are in the IFOAM family of standards, including standards. Vietnamese PGS standard) is still valid.

Enterprises need to prepare 01 financial account to pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses in Germany and other expenses incurred when participating in the program (details will be in the quotation area)

4. Can products without organic certification be displayed at Biofach - Germany?

Definitely no, because this is a mandatory regulation of the Fair Organizing Committee

However, businesses that want to update trends and survey the market can register for other services of the Association such as

Visitor: Visit and learn at Biofach

Buyer's visit: The association helps to find customers and make an appointment to meet customers at the common booth for businesses

5. What support do businesses receive when participating in the Biofach delegation organized by VOAA?

Enterprises participating for the first time, participating in 1 - 3 years with the delegation will be supported with all costs of booth rental, booth design, communication (according to state regulations) from the Program. National trade promotion proposed by VOAA, and approved by the Trade Promotion Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade. (Estimated total cost per Enterprise is up to 170 million VND/enterprise)

All businesses are entitled to 01 free course (2 days) on skills to attend international fairs supported by the Vietnam Association of Organic Agriculture (Estimated VND 5 million/enterprise)