Why do we choose Biofach USA?

After many years of successful trade promotion in the European market, the next destination of Vietnamese organic agricultural products will be the USA. Because the USA is the world’s largest organic product consumption market (accounting for 49.5% of the total market value of organic products).

Organic markets in the USA and Canada are both growing year by year. Most organic products with EU organic certification are eligible for export to the USA and Canadian markets.

European importers come to Vietnam mostly looking to buy natural and organic ingredients. Difference from Eropean market, US importers are more interested in organic products and focus on convenience and end consumer products. This is an opportunity to raise the bar for Vietnamese organic products after many years of exporting organic ingredients to the European market. 

In 2022 there are 150 exhibitors displaying all-organic product lines and over  18,500 visitors at the Fair. 

What support do businesses receive when participating in the Biofach delegation organized by VOAA? 

Enterprises participating for the first time, participating in 1-3 years with the national delegation will be supported with all costs of booth rental, booth design, communication (according to state regulations) from the Program. National trade promotion proposed by the Association, and approved by the Trade Promotion Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade. (Estimated total cost per Enterprise is up to 170 million VND/enterprise) 

All businesses are entitled to 01 free course (2 days) on skills to attend international fairs supported by the Vietnam Association of Organic Agriculture (Estimated VND 5 million/enterprise)

Services provided by the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (in addition to supported costs) include:

(*) Company choose which service to tick that expense box so VOAA can contact and have a quotation for services.



Enterprise’s Choice



Logistic support for business before, during and after the fair


Including: support for cheap booking, visa guidance, support for sending and receiving goods in Germany, train ticket booking, accommodation and travel guide in Germany, other support related to logistics of enterprises.


Intensive training on trade promotion at the Fair and corporate communication before, during and after the fair


This service is consulted specifically for each business based on the available capacity of the staff


Enterprise communication consulting (Building publications, choosing communication channels


Experts will advise, guide and urge businesses to implement


Enterprise communication consulting (Building publications, choosing communication channels


Experts will advise, guide  businesses to implement


Interpreting for 4 days at the fair (8 hours/day) 

English Translator


Other services


Follow the request of bussiness


1. Can products without organic certification be displayed at Biofach - USA?


Unlike German Biofach, American Biofach has 02 areas Organic and Natural. In particular, the products at the Organic Zone are all certified organic products. Products that do not have the required certification are displayed in the Natural Area.

However, to join the booth with the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, businesses must have organic certification, because the Association only registers 01 Pavillion in the organic area.

Businesses that want to update trends and survey the market can register for other services of the Association such as:

Visitor: Visit and learn at Biofach . Fair

Buyer's visit: The association helps to find customers and make an appointment to meet customers at the common booth for businesses.

2. What the products can display at Biofach USA?

Food, ingredients


Specialty, health food, condiment

Convenience products

Meat, sausage, fish

Milk, dairy products, eggs

Frozen food

Toast, jam, butter…


Other natural products

Natural textiles

Agriculture, supplies

Publications on drugs and functional foods

Skin care products

Body care products

Sunscreen products

Oriental medicine cosmetic products

Hair care products

Men's care products

Baby and baby care products

Decorative cosmetic products

Fragrance products, perfume

Healthcare product

Gifts and accessories

Bathing and toiletries

Communication, services