The first Organics Europe Youth Event will take place in Switzerland

The first Organics Europe Youth Event will take place in Switzerland

    The Organic Europe’s Youth Event (OEYE) will take place from August 31 to September 1 in Frick, Switzerland. It is an event especially designed for young people interested and active in organic. It will provide a platform to discuss and learn about the potential and challenges of organic production and its role as a sustainable food system.

    How can organic food and farming contribute to solving global societal and environmental issues? At the Organic Europe Youth Event, its positive effects on the climate, the environment, biodiversity, and animal welfare will be outlined. Young professionals, farmers, activists, students, entrepreneurs or simply interested young people in organic food systems are invited to join this event.

   The participants will discover how the organic movement can inspire change through a wide range of perspectives – from science, business, politics, arts, and practical experiences by young entrepreneurs and activists. Participants will discuss issues and topics related to sustainable food systems and develop ideas to improve and promote organic food systems.

   The event is organised by IFOAM Organics Europe, FiBL Switzerland and Bio Suisse, the umbrella organisation of Swiss organic farmers.

Young professionals will share their views and ideas about the organic movement at the Organics Europe Youth Event.

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