Organic products are in great demand in the market, but customers in each market have their own set of minimum requirements and regulations that need to be met in order for your product to be properly labeled. Organic certification is a natural certification, but if you want to be recognized as an organic product and export it to the EU, US, Japan, Canada, your products must be certified according to the standards of those markets.




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In addition, there are many reputable private certifications (Naturland, Soil Association, Demeter…) that import customers in some countries want you to have to enhance the value of your products.

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VOAA can help you understand the needs of each market and the complexity of certifications to make the most effective and effective certification choices.

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1. Is organic certification voluntary or mandatory?

Organic certification is a voluntary certification to improve the value and reputation of products in the market, but in order to be able to label a product as organic, the product must be certified according to the requirements of each country's market.

2. What do you need to prepare to be able to get organic certification as soon as possible?

Organic certification requires that your product be subjected to both production process and inspection sampling where knowledge of organic standards, organic production techniques and appropriate management systems are issues that many organizations have difficulty in responding.

VOAA's experienced experts can conduct training activities for you to have formal knowledge of organic agriculture, introduce effective solutions to solve difficulties in maintaining productivity but still ensure your productivity; comply with organic standards, build agricultural management models according to international standards to meet the requirements of international as well as domestic standards.

3. When are you ready to get organic certification?

Organic certification will help you increase value and sales, but you need to know, understand that your products comply with basic organic standards? What target market do you want to target? What packaging do you want to use in the commercialization of the product?

4. After getting certification, what do we have to do to continue to maintain certification and develop products?

Market standards and requirements are constantly updating and changing while your organization will always change and have new certification needs as it evolves.

After supporting the first year certification, VOAA's experts continue to support training, maintaining and improving the capacity and knowledge of the staff in your organization, supporting the implementation technical solutions to overcome nonconformities (if any). Especially VOAA can connect with certification services and trade promotion and sales with partners and members in VOAA's network. .

VOAA can connect with certification services and trade promotion, sales with our members, partners in VOAA’s network. 

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