Introduction of CODAS

General introduction

The Center for Organic Agriculture Service (CODAS) is an organization under the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, functioning to assist the Association’s members, providing support services for organic production and commerce, building value chains of products for the organic industry. CODAS was established in July 2017 under the license number A-1801 of the Ministry of Science and Technology and operates under the direct direction of the association’s chairman. Nowadays, CODAS has gathered many leading experts in organic agriculture with expertises in certification consultancy, marketing, branding, communication, organic training, scientific research …

The center works in the development frame of set-forth missions under the association: to support organic producers and raise awareness of public community on authentic organic products. With this direction, CODAS has been implementing projects to support enterprises to produce organic products (certified) and export to Europe, North America … In addition, the center also conducts trainings to build up a talent pool of international organic inspectors for Vietnam.

The main business activities include:

1.     Organic certification consultation

2.     Training in organic agriculture

3.     Trade promotion

4.     Application of new science and technology.

5.     Public communication and business cooperation.

After one year, CODAS has a stable number of customers using consulting services, successfully organized many activities attracting businesses and individuals to participate, and nowaday the center has many leading partners in the world organic agriculture like IFOAM, ACT …

Our activities focus on the group of enterprises with the same business orientation, promote trade in high-end markets, support the organic sector to be transparent and ensure 4 principles of organic: Health, Ecology, Fairness, Care.