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UEBT relies on independent auditors from qualified certification bodies to conduct the impartial and third-party assessments in its ethical sourcing system and natural ingredient certification programs.

Membership audits can be conducted by either UEBT or qualified certification bodies.

How to qualify?

Certification bodies interested in conducting third party audits for UEBT must:

  • Be accredited under ISO 17065 and/or ISO 17021 (and other relevant ISEAL member sustainability standard systems if applicable)

  • Sign an agreement with UEBT

  • Undergo training on ethical sourcing system and natural ingredient certification

See the full list of requirements and obligations here

ABCert AGLinda Schuster[email protected]
CERES -CERtification of Environmental StandardsUlrich Findel[email protected]
Control Union PeruAndrea Casto[email protected]
Control Union TanzaniaBeatrice Joseph[email protected]
EcocertLéa Bozec[email protected]
IBD CertificationsFernando Yoshidafernand[email protected]
IndocertMathew Sebastian[email protected]
NaturaCertClaudia Raquel Cortes Murcia[email protected]
NEPConSandra Razanamandranto[email protected]
Sustainable Development Services (SDS)Fauzi Kuswantoro[email protected]

Certification bodies interested in becoming qualified should write to us at [email protected].