On September 23, at the Trade Promotion Department – Vietrade (Ministry of Industry and Trade), an international online trade conference took place between representatives of Vietrade, Helvetas Vietnam, BioTrade EU Project and other Vietnam Trade Offices in foreign countries. The conference was held until September 25, to exchange and share in the food ingredients industry, natural pharmaceuticals Vietnam 2020.

Overview of the conference (Photo: Le Hung)

In the context of stagnant global trade, many countries around the world are still struggling with epidemics and Vietnam has just successfully controlled the second wave of Covid-19, the fact that a conference is being held is concerned. to human health has important implications. Especially practical for Vietnamese agricultural and foodstuff enterprises and nearly 100 businesses from more than 20 countries and territories to have the opportunity to exchange and share business cooperation opportunities.

Through the conference, to widely promote the export potentials and strengths of Vietnamese food raw materials and natural pharmaceuticals. At the same time, to connect Vietnamese production and export enterprises with business partners in foreign markets on the online environment, in the condition that domestic enterprises face many difficulties in trade promotion because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is also one of the activities in the framework of the plan to implement the National Program on Trade Promotion in 2020.

Director of Trade Promotion Agency Vu Ba Phu assessed: Vietnam’s agriculture and natural materials industry is undergoing an impressive transition, making Vietnam a source of food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. Naturally important to the world market. Over the years, through a variety of trade promotion activities, import partners, wholesale and retail distributors as well as people from many regions of the world have had a different view on the process. modernization and innovation of Vietnam’s natural raw materials industry. Vietnam’s food ingredients and natural pharmaceutical enterprises are increasingly meeting the strict requirements of foreign partners, capable of providing value-added products. High quality, high quality and safe for many of the top importers and premium distribution channels in many regions of the world.

The reason for this is that, over the past 10 years, Vietnam has paid special attention to the conservation and planning of areas for growing pharmaceutical materials and associated with economic development. Including the role of Helvetas Vietnam and BioTrade Vietnam project funded by the European Union EU in building a sustainable green economy and developing medicinal value chains. This process ensures all the following factors: economic, environmental, ecological benefits including biodiversity conservation, anti-climate change and social benefits.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been identified as important factors in economic development value chains, and are the key objects of the projects that HELVETAS Vietnam has been implementing.

It is known that HELVETAS is an international non-profit organization, headquartered in Switzerland, and has been operating in Vietnam since 1994 in the fields of agriculture, forestry and rural development. Currently, HELVETAS Vietnam’s programs focus on local management, planning and public administration reform. In which, BioTrade Vietnam project funded by the European Union focuses on fair – sustainable trade development.

Mr. Pham Van Luong – Director of Helvetas Vietnam shared: In order to achieve the parallel goals of sustainable trade development, HELVETAS Vietnam and VIETRADE cooperate to implement a number of key activities such as (i) carry out and participate in trade promotion events at home and abroad to support businesses to introduce products, explore market opportunities, thereby enhancing opportunities to connect to expand domestic markets and exporting products meeting international certification standards; (ii) Support and support the implementation of trade promotion policies; (iii) Trade promotion and investment promotion on domestic and international media.

(Photo: Le Hung)

Talking about the supply capacity and export advantages of Vietnamese food ingredients and natural pharmaceuticals, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan – Biotrade Project Director assessed that Vietnam’s large potential markets can be mentioned. such as China, Hong Kong (China), Philippines, Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Australia … It can be seen that 35% of the land area in Vietnam serves the purpose of agriculture, 47% of the population working in the agricultural sector, and more than 10,000 species existing which more than 5,000 species can be used as natural ingredients in the pharmaceutical sector. In fact, the BioTrade project finds out hundreds of natural ingredients existing, which can confirm that the potential for raw material development in Vietnam is still very large.

In particular, now the EVFTA Agreement has officially come into effect from August 1, 2020, will open up great opportunities for Vietnam’s export of food ingredients, natural pharmaceuticals to the EU – a preferred market. organic and all-natural products. This is expected to see high growth in exports in this category.

The event Online trade conference with the initiative of opening a B2B online match-making trade session ( Business to Business – an online business model between enterprises) for Vietnamese SMEs to trade with abroad is an open event. head for this long chain of cooperation.