UEBT recognizes that our ultimate goal is to contribute to a world in which humans and biodiversity thrive.

To know if we will be successful, UEBT invests in monitoring and evaluation. We collect data from our members and conduct research on selected activities to determine the impact. We aim to gain insight into the following:

  • What changes are companies making to meet UEBT requirements?
  • What sourcing areas and how many workers are being affected by a company’s UEBT performance of standards?
  • What changes do member companies make in these sourcing areas through certification?
  • How can UEBT improve standards and support strategies to maximize impacts?

UEBT is a member of ISEAL, the global association for trusted sustainability standards. We implement the ISEAL Good Code of Practice for standards setting, assurance and impact monitoring.

Facts & Figures
As of December 2019, UEBT has 58 members globally, which are promoting Ethical Biommerce activities.

*As of December 2018, ** as of December 2019