Implementing the National Trade Promotion program in 2020, on the afternoon of September 23, the Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) cooperated with Helvetas Vietnam and Vietnam Trade Offices abroad to organize ” International online trade conference on food ingredients, natural pharmaceuticals Vietnam 2020 “.

The event aims to widely promote the export potentials and strengths of Vietnamese food ingredients and natural pharmaceuticals. At the same time, to connect Vietnamese manufacturing and exporting enterprises with potential import, distribution, wholesale and retail business partners in foreign markets to e-commerce, in the context that domestic enterprises faced many difficulties in promoting trade with foreign countries because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Overview of the conference

Attending the conference, there are more than 100 enterprises, foreign importers will directly deal with 21 enterprises producing and supplying food materials, natural pharmaceuticals of Vietnam. In which, products and commodities to be introduced, promoted and traded at the conference include: tea, cinnamon, anise, herbs from chrysanthemum, essential oils, health care and beauty products, SAP…

At the conference, Mr. Vu Ba Phu – Director of Trade Promotion Department said that Vietnam’s agriculture and natural materials industry is in an impressive transition period. In the coming years, Vietnam will become the leading source of food ingredients and natural pharmaceuticals for the world market.

With the ability to control the pandemic effectively, domestic enterprises can still maintain stable production and supply of goods to domestic and international markets. It can be seen that Vietnam is the ideal choice in supplying pharmaceutical ingredients, rich natural foods with guaranteed quality suitable for many different market segments.

Sharing about the potential of supplying products of natural materials origin of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan – Project Director of BioTrade Vietnam funded by the European Union assessed: Vietnam 35% of the land is for agriculture, 47% of the population is engaged in agriculture, there are more than 10,000 species existing in which more than 5,000 species can be used as raw materials for production in food and pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the BioTrade project has just searched for a few hundred types of natural ingredients, which may confirm that the potential for material resource development in Vietnam remains huge.

According to Mr. Pham Van Luong – Director of Helvetas Vietnam, small and medium enterprises are an important factor and strategic partner, who directly benefits from the commitments of organizations.

This is one of the largest online trade conferences in the field of natural pharmaceutical food ingredients ever, with a simultaneous connection with many foreign markets. Through this trade conference, Vietnamese businesses and foreign importers will better understand each other’s needs and capacities, and come to an agreement on business cooperation opportunities for the benefit of enterprises. Contributing to supporting businesses to overcome pandemics and building sustainable business development strategies.

In the trade session after the conference, Vietnamese businesses will have online 1: 1 contact with foreign importers divided by commodity groups and markets. The working session will take place from 23-25/9/2020.