Purpose of certification

The certification is designed to suit products sold in the domestic market. The certification monitoring model is combined of 1st, 2nd, 3th parties certification with the direct participation of producers, local officials and consumers, so it has a reasonable cost and a high level of reliability.

Who is suitable for certification

Farmers, smallholder groups, independent farms have the ability to be directly or close to consumer markets.

Certification criteria

There is close involvement between producers, traders, local authorities and consumers

Environmental protection, land resources and ecological diversity

Nature and living conditions of animals

No residues of fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulants of chemical origin,


Transparency in labeling.

Why choose MekongCert?

MekongCert provides professional organic certification services at a good cost by a combination of the best recognized standards in the domestic and international markets.

  • Member of Asia Organic Certification Alliance (CertAll)
  • Official member of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA)
  • Standards for apply: Associate Professor of Vietnam, TCVN 11041; EU 8342007; USDA; COR Canada.
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