One audit for many certificates
MKC can save your cost by offering many organic certificate for targeted market in one Audit..


Questions & Answers

Which certification is right for your market?

Each customer or market requires different certifications. In the world there are certificates according to its own standards such as Naturland, Soil Association, which are well-recognized certificates in the German and UK markets but are not compulsory and voluntarily evaluated and certified by these organizations.

But if you want to claim your product as organic in some country that has organic product labeling regulations your product MUST comply with that national standard.

As in the European Market, your product must be certified to the EU organic standard 834/2007 in order to be called organic and labeled with the EU leaves logo.

Therefore, when you sell products to any country, you must comply with the regulations of that country. In addition, at the request of customers, you can add other voluntary certificates to improve product value.

How to use certification cost effectively?

Since each country has different standards and regulations on organic produce, certification costs for many markets will be expensive due to the need to conduct multiple certification audits from different organizations, according to different standards for different markets.

Producers should choose organizations capable of evaluating multiple standards, for many markets at once, will save audit costs, working days and especially the quality management organization process.

MekongCert is proud to be able to provide national certification services according to EU, US, Canadian and Vietnamese standards. In addition, there are two separate prestigious certifications in the organic market: PGS Vietnam and Naturland (Germany).

How long does the certification audit take?

Results and certification auditing time and results depend on the complexity of the management system and the customer's standard compliance level. However, the total processing time of MekongCert's application is committed to not more than 30 days after the field work is completed.



Sign up for certification

Customers wishing to register for a certificate make a certification registration dossier and send it to MKC. The application for certification should provide all required information for review before conducting the audit.


Consider registration and quote

Based on registration information, MKC conducts a registration review, clarifies information and requests for additional supplements if any. After the information is agreed and clarified, customers will receive a quote within 24 working hours.


Certification evaluation

After the customer signs the certification quote, MKC proceeds to arrange and organize the certification audit.


Certification decision

After the assessment is completed, within 30 days the certification decision is passed on to the client.


Certification and performance tracking

Once the certification decision is in effect, the Client continues to comply with the requirements of the standard and is subject to a supervisory audit if necessary.