BioTrace – Traceability with Blockchain technology

Traceability of products, particularly in the agricultural and food sectors is extremely important. Our BioTrace service provides a system of traceability and makes product origin transpatent, helping you to understand the process of product formation in all stages, from production, packaging to distribution to consumers.

BioTrace is built on Blockchain technology and being standardized, suitable for all products of Vietnamese enterprises of all sizes. We not only provide a modern, accurate system for product traceability but also want to become a bridge of all parties involved in the supply chain.

Traceability of products is done with either simple or advanced operations and when authorized by the network. 

  • Via chat application with robots: To trace the origin of products directly from robots via chat application, start chat with robots here: Robot
  • Via website: To trace the product directly from a robot, enter the commands in the box below [require network authorization]:
Direct access to the robot: 
  • Traceability by product, topic, keywords: /gsearch #productcode, where #productcode is the product being traced.
  • Traceability by multiple product, topic, keywords: /gsearch #productcode #topic #keyword,  trong đó #product #topic #keyword are products or topics or keywords being traced. 
Sample traceability syntax:
 /gsearch #banlien  /gsearch #caobang  /gsearch #checothu
 /gsearch #dansam  /gsearch #namty  /gsearch #caobang
Advanced Mode: 
  • Traceability from products down to raw materials
  • Traceability from raw materials up to finished products
  • For advanced access and guidelines: Contact.
Sample Reports: Click here
Bản Liền Cao Bằng Chè cổ thụ
Đan sâm Nậm Ty Factories
  Sample Traceability Commands:
/gsearch #banlien  /gsearch #caobang  /gsearch #checothu
 /gsearch #dansam  /gsearch #namty  /gsearch #nhamay