1. Issues of agri-traceability.

Global food supply chains struggle with fraud, corruption, false claims, and gray-market trading can verify freshness, improve traceability, and re-capture consumer confidence. Buyers challenged by previous market inefficiencies and missing information can modify their purchasing decisions based on more relevant, up-to-date product characteristics informed by blockchain food insights.

2. Blockchain based traceability.

Blockchain makes a supply chain more transparent at an all-new level. It also empowers the entire chain to be more responsive to any food safety disasters. Massive organizations such as Nestlé and Unilever are considering blockchain technologies for that very reason.

Blockchain also allows specific products to be traced at any given time, which would help to reduce food waste. For instance, contaminated products can be traced easily and quickly, while safe foods would remain on the shelves and not be sent to landfills.

Blockchain operates anonymously, so mistakes would be traceable to individual culprits. Blockchain technology provides a method with which records are kept permanently.

Most importantly though, it facilitates data-sharing between disparate actors in a food value chain. Many retailers have sold fraudulent food products unknowingly. With the use of blockchain, those days could come to and end.



3. Global traceability platforms

Globally, multiple large organizations act on the problem. Notable large players in this space:




– IBM Food Trust

4. Unsolved problems of the Global traceability platforms

While the global traceability platforms aim to solve the same issue, they are vastly inadequate and way too out of reach for local producers, most of them farmers and low-level workers who are even illiterate. Besides, the social, habitual and technological conditions in those farms make the use of the global traceability platforms impossible. 

This is where BioTrace comes into the picture.

5. What is BIOTRACE?

Blockchain technology is establishing new forms of trust across the food industry supply chain while promising better quality food for end consumers.

+ An innovative solution for agriculture production TRACEABILITY.

+ Applying blockchain technology.

+ Multimedia-rich and highly visual.

+ Low cost of operation.

+ Suitable for developing countries

+ Customized for SMEs.

+ Farmer’s familiar user interface.

+ Flexible for any management purposes.

+ Big-data platform that can be used for any inspection service. 




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